Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Home. Sweet. Home.

It sure is hard to get back in the groove of things having been away for the past week. While driving 1,000 plus miles I thought a bit about what to post on this blog and came up with a few good ideas, it's just too bad that one of those good ideas wasn't to write it down pen to paper. Because now that I'm home in LA all I can think about is the truck load of goodies that need to be sorted and priced and photographed for your viewing pleasure.

And what a truck-load it is! In the past week I was able to conquer fourteen thrift stores, one antique mall, and one flea market. Not to mention my step mother's home and garage where I gained a lot more than goods - good-knowledge and insight.

For now I leave you with the above photo - my favorite antique child's teacup of probably 50 sitting in Sandy's (step-mother) dresser drawer. And the promise of soon-to-come photos of favorite finds and a thrift store breakdown city guide of sorts.

1 comment:

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