Sunday, August 9, 2009

Just Smurfin' Around

Who loves a smurf?!

I do! It's been a whole lotta years since I've seen one of these cartoons and I'm curious, is it like watching Loony Tunes again or Duck Tales? Because if it's anything like Duck Tales, spare me, but Loony Tunes has only got better with age.

As a kid I owned one of those traveling record players in a Smurf motif, and if ever I find this again watch out because I'll fight you for it. But how I did not know about these fantastic Smurf Trading Cards I just don't know. I'm in love, they're so fun, so cool!

I have Scott to thank for the intro to these. Like the New Kids on the Block trading cards, like the Elvis trading cards, like the Beetle Juice trading cards, etc, etc, etc... total randomness.

So what do you think? Do you share my nostalgia? Wanna trade?

Let me know... maybe I can convince Scott to spare a set for some lucky lurker.


  1. Thanks & good luck with your mission! I wish I had known sooner I'm sure we could spare a few Beanie Babies from the antique store. Maybe next time.