Monday, August 17, 2009


Things I've learned:
Zion National Park is a mere day-LONG drive from Los Angeles
The Rocky Mountains are humbling
The Salvation Army has the best prices in every state

We were rewarded after a day of some serious truckin' with a day of few but seriously good thrift store deals. Amanda with a great winter coat for $20 and me with the missing link to my Pyrex primary color nesting bowl set for $.50.

As far as we're concerned the day began in Colorado and ended in... Colorado.

Rising early as was possible in Green River, Utah the day began in Grand Junction, Colorado where we hit up four thrift stores, had lunch and continued on our merry way.

The flats of the valley quickly faded as we moved our way into a ravine, wound along the Colorado River and squeezed through the appropriately termed, majestic rocky mountains.

I'm posting this blog from a hotel room in North Platte, Nebraska, night having fallen upon us as we crossed over from Colorado I can imagine the similarities between north-eastern Colorado and Nebraska and though beautiful I can't help but desire to turn around and drive through the Rockies once more. Like a roller coaster ride - again, again!

And so we plan to do it again tomorrow, awaken early with loads of ground to cover all for the sake of a good Chicago Deep Dish Pizza, a beautiful face, gorgeous scenery and adventure. Nebraska being the home of my grandfather's youth we'll have a lot of history to be a-lookin' for.

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