Thursday, August 27, 2009

Waste Not.

Finally back in LA and just a little rested after, I'm not sure how or why I did it, being awake for nearly 24 hours after leaving NYC. LA is home and I love it here, but I can't help but be a little jealous of all those New Yorker's walking everywhere, drinking in sweet little pubs, eating so decadently if desired and well no matter where they may be. And... I'm really jealous they have MoMA.

I spent hours in here and would've been happy to go back another day and do it all over again!

In the main lobby is an art installation titled Waste Not created by Beijing artist Song Dong and his depression-esque era mother. The Chinese principle, wu jin qi yong, that equates to “Waste not” is the basis for the exhibit.

The mass of his mothers belongings, even a structure from her home layout a maze of a cityscape. At first thought I wished for the luck of walking into this as an Estate Sale vs. an art exhibit. However, the era resonated with me as I meandered this makeshift city of an old Chinese women, an era that called for a principle of thrift - it's fascinating, and sad.

The photos below and the first image above come to me courtesy of 16 miles of strings flickr photostream

Below photos courtesy of abfall111's flickr photo stream

Besides time spent with all my New York lovlies our visit to MoMA was the highlight.

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