Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Road-Trippin' the 101

It's only Tuesday yet this week is shaping up to be a great one. It's week one on a long list of getaways through mid-September and already I've thrifted some great finds. The normally long drive along Highway-101 between Los Angeles and San Francisco increased by five hours yesterday when my detour to the Danish community of Solvang turned into a three hour excursion and the need to thrift pulled my car into two more towns along the way - Paseo Robles and Gillroy.

It was a long day filled with self, beautiful surroundings, good music and the periodic thrift store. As of Wednesday I'm going underground for some good times surrounded by good people, a camp fire, and lake-side adventures not to resurface until after the weekend.

For now I'll leave you with the 101 play-list inspired by my good friend Nic, down-loadable here. If you're interested in receiving one of nicsmix's on a regular basis let me know and I'll make it happen!
; )


Sunday, July 26, 2009

Etsy Selling Bloggers

As of late I've been helping to plan a family reunion for close to one-hundred guests. Some of the many things this has had me doing is scouring Etsy for a guest book and thrift stores for basically anything that can be used as centerpieces - success on both accounts.

A favorite thing about shopping on Etsy is the level of service. It has been an amazing experience in working both with buyers and sellers. And I highly recommend working with Julia over at Red Otter on any guest book needs you may have.

But I digress, that's not what this blog entry is about.

In my searching naturally I am pulled off in unintended directions and to my satisfaction I have discovered some inspirational Etsy selling bloggers.

She Can't Decide was featured in an Etsy Finds email - congratulations to her! Coming across this blog was like learning of a long-lost sister, let's see..."I am girl who can never decide." - dang why didn't I think of that. I wonder if she has a birthday in October too?!

And then there's the quirky blog of Sweet Love Vintage. This girl is just adorable with her writing, really you can't help but love Sweet Love Vintage.

Well, what are you waiting for check these ladies out. You can thank me later.

Friday, July 24, 2009

The Novice

It was three days ago when I completed my first eBay sale that I decided I would post about the ease of selling on this platform. For years I've considered eBay but even after the decision was made procrastination set in. It's the procrastination that you get from the prospect of wading waters unknown. I'll spare you the boring details and tell you this, I have these fantastic yellow wedges that have been sitting unused in my closet for over a year now because they pinch my fatty feet and so I gave them a go - no reserve, just sell.

And sell they did! A steal at $24.50 for a $135 pair of shoes. But you know what, two emails and three days later the bidder still hasn't paid and I'm heading out of town on Monday. So I'm wondering, is this normal? I've always been a prompt pay and I've assumed that's the way to be. Guess I assumed wrong.

This probably happens all the time but it's my first encounter since I'm new at this an all. Do you sell on eBay? Is there anything I should look out for?


Thursday, July 23, 2009

Lazy Days of Summer

Days spent lounging poolside with good people has made this a most enjoyable summer. But the heat of the day makes me the most lazy of entertainers and invitees have been kept to a minimum. Usually a friend or two will join me poolside on the cuff but just last week with more notice and a gathering just a tad larger the entertainer within was released.

It was only recently when I could stand these fantastic pieces perfect for summer sitting at the Antique Station no longer that I brought them back to the house for their shot on Etsy and a possible party highlight.

And so the first opportunity I had to whip it all out I did and it couldn't have been more exciting. Forget the fact that I had wonderful friends on their way, I had vintage goodies to dress up the place.

These cups with carrier feed the longing to keep everything in it's place. They're a beautiful presentation in use and just sitting around the home waiting for their day in the sun.

In truth entertaining poolside is a heck of a lot easier than a dinner party but when you're so busy having fun in the sun it's hard to get to the store for even the simplest of treats.

But then again it's so nice to have friends to be lazy beside. Really, I must do this again. Maybe next time I'll have new goodies to pull out!

If you see anything here you like check out SellingVintage on Etsy, most of it's there and if it's not it will be soon. Or you can just ask me to put a rush on it! Summertime...

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What a Week, and it's only Wednesday!

There's a rule - bad things come in threes. I only hope that applies to good things - threes, fours, fives, but I'll take the two thus far!

After a month of selling nothing on Etsy the tides have turned and this week I sold one item 5 minutes after I posted it, and the crystal ashtray that I absolutely love, hate to see go and conflictingly am so excited about.

And the winners are:

Monday, July 20, 2009

Le Jardin de Mon Ami

The rustic metal cluster represented above has been the inspiration behind what I consider a whimsical LA garden. My good friend Morgan has taken what once was a naked, sad, non-maintained yard and turned it into an unexpected getaway surrounded by apartment buildings and concrete by adding only potted plants, innovative garden decor and naturally her creative ability.

Everything you see in Morgan's yard was purchased cheap from her favorite Drug Store and various thrift stores, or like any good thrifter found on the street.

Below are pictures from mon jardin créatif de l'ami.

This backyard was in complete shambles when it was inherited, fortunately it did come with a few attributes - concrete table and fantastic metal umbrella, not to mention storage shed and clothes line!

Something about Mo: accident prone - she managed to break the glass on the coffee table you see in this tree. That was the beginning of a transformation for this rustic garden.

The entire space progressed slowly and then took off in a matter of weeks. This entry garden was one of the first enhancements.

This is the only picture you'll get to see of the women behind it all and I was lucky to grab even it! Notice all the lights in the background - imagine night!

I hate to say it but I can't begin to describe what crosses my mind looking at this potted cactus. That to the right is a solar gnome home.

An adorable basket with potted flowers hangs from the clothes line which is now covered in Christmas lights but was once used by her boyfriend to dry clothes.

This DIY idea was found in a gardening book and is oh so simple - if you can't figure out how just ask!

Shh... don't tell dad that the BBQ he bought for my birthday is now being used to home Aloe!

I believe this wooden pot filled with peppers to have been bought at Rite-Aid sans peppers.

The shed really didn't take much with the already shabby door and climbing plant life, but the addition of this bronze wall art created a nice focal point and incorporated nicely into the rural vibe.

Succulents are an absolute favorite of mine - I really love this hanging succulent pot.

Last but certainly not least is the kitschy tree man brought over from her previous garden.

Oops, missed one! Once in a blue moon comes a freebie find that takes you on an adventure. In the case of this extremely heavy table it took Mo and I on a three, maybe four block push-me-down-the-middle-of-the-street-and-try-not-to-die-of-laughter adventure, memories... in the corner of a yard.

I hope you got a little inspiration from Morgan's garden, have fun and it'll all come together!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

One Grandma's Junk

Around two months ago my grandmother invited all the ladies to rummage through her junk before it made it's way to the good 'ole Goodwill. Barely a thing made it's way out of her house, and up until last week not a thing sat on a shelf waiting to become some other souls treasure. To my good fortune my grandmother is a procrastinator which made way for me to swoop in and collect her junk before she had mind enough to pack it up and hall it out.

All of her items now sit on a shelf at the Antique Mall.

A teak salad bowl set.

This thermos reminds me of the circus!

I think Grandma was quite partial to this since she kept going on and on about the fact that it will carry a cake AND a pie - which is frankly wonderful!

I love the the design element to this chopper, it's too bad one of the blades broke off.

Someone is selling this coffee pot on Ebay for around $20!

Of all the coffee dispenser's I've seen this one's pretty cute but not the ultimate, still, it beats the boring black and silver ones.

I've seen this coffee warmer around infrequently so I can't say it's rare but this one is definitely in better condition than most.

Dude... this is so cool! Can you imagine having to crush ice like this regularly?

A popcorn popper - need I say more?!

For a women who doesn't drink coffee my grandmother sure did have a lot of caffeine related items in her home.

This 70's beverage dispenser brews tea and is ready to go, perfect for a summer BBQ.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Case of Me Helping You.

I'd reason to believe that most anyone gets a little high off of a good deal. Personally I can't help but tell the first ears that will listen what a great deal I received on the days item of choice. This may sound like I'm bragging and some times I suppose I could be but more than likely I really just want to help my fellow shopper save a dime. Kind of like my dear friend Rosalba informing that the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale started Friday, and that I could even shop it online!

Or me telling you that Saks needs to be had immediately - Go now, run to your closest department store, it's high time to support the economy and your closet.

I'm just sayin'...

Thursday, July 16, 2009


As of late my collection of goodies for sale has been growing but as a result of little time and souring temperatures I've slacked on the photography front. That is until this week, and so for now I will hold out on you no longer. I present to you more goodies from my day trip to Ventura and thrift store and yard sale finds from weeks past.

Love Love Love the graphics on this brown and white teacup set, and I love even more that there's four sets not one!

I know it's nice to have new things in your home, things that show no wear but wear is one of my favorite aspects of buying vintage. It says a lot about these glasses that their original owner cherished them enough to actually use them.

As luck would have it I never find vintage shoes that fit, if I did it would be impossible to part with these cuties.

It turns out this iron isn't anything too special but it works and that's always a plus.

This tin owl may not be not vintage (who knows) but it's quite adorable. Realization: I have a thing for owls.

It's pretty well agreed upon that practically anything made mini is far cuter than it's counterpart and these Martini glasses are no exception.

I've actually been trying to sell this thermos on Etsy for a while now but just got around to taking some decent photos, however even these do no justice to the fantastic lines and contemporary black and white.

Back when I hit up the Rose Bowl I bought a couple of aprons that sold very well at the Antique Station. This isn't my favorite but it's pretty cute and I'm officially on the look out.

There you have it, that wasn't too bad.

On another note, I'm heading to N. California in a couple of weeks, if there's anyone up there reading my blog who's interested in purchasing anything you see here or on the lookout for something in particular please let me know, I'd be thrilled to share these goodies with you!


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Oopsy - Busy!

Oh gee, I've been busy and neglecting my blog - the shame! What's that you ask? What have I been up to?! Well... let me tell you: shopping, sorting, photographing, moving and listing.

It's so much more fun to show you though!

I love to entertain and have a very real affinity for any item that makes my job as hostess easier. These low ball glasses are gorgeous and the mid-century style carrier is just right to stun your guests. I just hate to let it go!

Pyrex is one of those items that makes cooking down right delightful hence the popularity of this vintage kitchenware. I was so lucky to find this casserole dish in mint condition.

Isn't this the cutest?! I haven't a clue about it's use but I just love it.

This is a vintage AVON piece. It's really pretty but I mainly bought it because I know there must be someone out there who wants to buy it from me - I just know it!

All of these goodies were bought on recent thrifting trip to Ventura. There's more but I haven't shot those items yet. And a city guide to come!