Thursday, July 23, 2009

Lazy Days of Summer

Days spent lounging poolside with good people has made this a most enjoyable summer. But the heat of the day makes me the most lazy of entertainers and invitees have been kept to a minimum. Usually a friend or two will join me poolside on the cuff but just last week with more notice and a gathering just a tad larger the entertainer within was released.

It was only recently when I could stand these fantastic pieces perfect for summer sitting at the Antique Station no longer that I brought them back to the house for their shot on Etsy and a possible party highlight.

And so the first opportunity I had to whip it all out I did and it couldn't have been more exciting. Forget the fact that I had wonderful friends on their way, I had vintage goodies to dress up the place.

These cups with carrier feed the longing to keep everything in it's place. They're a beautiful presentation in use and just sitting around the home waiting for their day in the sun.

In truth entertaining poolside is a heck of a lot easier than a dinner party but when you're so busy having fun in the sun it's hard to get to the store for even the simplest of treats.

But then again it's so nice to have friends to be lazy beside. Really, I must do this again. Maybe next time I'll have new goodies to pull out!

If you see anything here you like check out SellingVintage on Etsy, most of it's there and if it's not it will be soon. Or you can just ask me to put a rush on it! Summertime...


  1. This looks gorgeous. Had I taken a photo course in LA I my have been at your house every day this summer. Seeing your yard and the items you find I get all kinds of ideas!!!

  2. Entertaining was always so much simpler with you as my comrade. Boy did you choose the wrong time to leave! xoxo