Monday, July 20, 2009

Le Jardin de Mon Ami

The rustic metal cluster represented above has been the inspiration behind what I consider a whimsical LA garden. My good friend Morgan has taken what once was a naked, sad, non-maintained yard and turned it into an unexpected getaway surrounded by apartment buildings and concrete by adding only potted plants, innovative garden decor and naturally her creative ability.

Everything you see in Morgan's yard was purchased cheap from her favorite Drug Store and various thrift stores, or like any good thrifter found on the street.

Below are pictures from mon jardin créatif de l'ami.

This backyard was in complete shambles when it was inherited, fortunately it did come with a few attributes - concrete table and fantastic metal umbrella, not to mention storage shed and clothes line!

Something about Mo: accident prone - she managed to break the glass on the coffee table you see in this tree. That was the beginning of a transformation for this rustic garden.

The entire space progressed slowly and then took off in a matter of weeks. This entry garden was one of the first enhancements.

This is the only picture you'll get to see of the women behind it all and I was lucky to grab even it! Notice all the lights in the background - imagine night!

I hate to say it but I can't begin to describe what crosses my mind looking at this potted cactus. That to the right is a solar gnome home.

An adorable basket with potted flowers hangs from the clothes line which is now covered in Christmas lights but was once used by her boyfriend to dry clothes.

This DIY idea was found in a gardening book and is oh so simple - if you can't figure out how just ask!

Shh... don't tell dad that the BBQ he bought for my birthday is now being used to home Aloe!

I believe this wooden pot filled with peppers to have been bought at Rite-Aid sans peppers.

The shed really didn't take much with the already shabby door and climbing plant life, but the addition of this bronze wall art created a nice focal point and incorporated nicely into the rural vibe.

Succulents are an absolute favorite of mine - I really love this hanging succulent pot.

Last but certainly not least is the kitschy tree man brought over from her previous garden.

Oops, missed one! Once in a blue moon comes a freebie find that takes you on an adventure. In the case of this extremely heavy table it took Mo and I on a three, maybe four block push-me-down-the-middle-of-the-street-and-try-not-to-die-of-laughter adventure, memories... in the corner of a yard.

I hope you got a little inspiration from Morgan's garden, have fun and it'll all come together!

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