Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Oopsy - Busy!

Oh gee, I've been busy and neglecting my blog - the shame! What's that you ask? What have I been up to?! Well... let me tell you: shopping, sorting, photographing, moving and listing.

It's so much more fun to show you though!

I love to entertain and have a very real affinity for any item that makes my job as hostess easier. These low ball glasses are gorgeous and the mid-century style carrier is just right to stun your guests. I just hate to let it go!

Pyrex is one of those items that makes cooking down right delightful hence the popularity of this vintage kitchenware. I was so lucky to find this casserole dish in mint condition.

Isn't this the cutest?! I haven't a clue about it's use but I just love it.

This is a vintage AVON piece. It's really pretty but I mainly bought it because I know there must be someone out there who wants to buy it from me - I just know it!

All of these goodies were bought on recent thrifting trip to Ventura. There's more but I haven't shot those items yet. And a city guide to come!


  1. M~

    My grandma has so many of the items that you have on here! She has a couple of those little Chicken "things"...a milk glass one and one that is amber colored!

    Maybe I should call her up and see if she wants to get rid of any of her things like that and I'll take you up there while your in N.Ca!

  2. That's so generous of you - thanks!