Friday, July 24, 2009

The Novice

It was three days ago when I completed my first eBay sale that I decided I would post about the ease of selling on this platform. For years I've considered eBay but even after the decision was made procrastination set in. It's the procrastination that you get from the prospect of wading waters unknown. I'll spare you the boring details and tell you this, I have these fantastic yellow wedges that have been sitting unused in my closet for over a year now because they pinch my fatty feet and so I gave them a go - no reserve, just sell.

And sell they did! A steal at $24.50 for a $135 pair of shoes. But you know what, two emails and three days later the bidder still hasn't paid and I'm heading out of town on Monday. So I'm wondering, is this normal? I've always been a prompt pay and I've assumed that's the way to be. Guess I assumed wrong.

This probably happens all the time but it's my first encounter since I'm new at this an all. Do you sell on eBay? Is there anything I should look out for?


1 comment:

  1. Never done Ebay, so I haven't a clue about that! Buuuuuuut...If you haven't been paid yet, I'll take them. They are FABULOUS, and what a steal!