Sunday, July 5, 2009


The morning ritual of pulling the chair away from my vanity and saddling up in front of the mirror surrounded by pretty things while I leisurely beautify myself conjures up a feeling of connectivity with past generations of women. For those couple of minutes that I sit at that table before the rush of the day ahead I feel like a lady. I spritz on perfume, powder my face, work at my hair, and rummage through four generations of jewelry.

My personal vanity once belonged to my Nana on my mother's side of the family. Back when Nana owned this piece of furniture it acted as a sewing machine, today it's covered with a large scarf to soften up the boring wood below and crowded with womanly goodies and remembrances on top.

Claudia over The Paris Apartment is collecting photos of vanities from women around the world for a new book that she is working on. If you aren't already a visitor of this blog take a minute to check it out, and if you have a vanity take pictures of it to contribute. You can get in touch with her here:

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