Wednesday, December 16, 2009

DIY Christmas Tree in Action

Remember that cute little DIY Christmas Tree project I learned from Martha Stewart's show? I've been passing them out to friends as part of my holiday gift and they've been such a hit! Check this one out, it looks so good incorporated into Morgan's holiday decor.

Christmas Countdown a.k.a Wish List

Dear Santa,

A bathroom should never be boring, and because mine is so small and because I've been such a good girl this year I think I deserve a new modern-feminine shower curtain, even if it is a hefty $98.

It's available at Anthropologie. Look I even made it easy for you!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Count Down a.k.a. Wish List

I recently picked up a copy of Elle Decoration UK. The magazine wasn't inexpensive but I fell in love with these amazing retro "TrimPhones" while browsing at the magazine stand. It comes in four colors - this pretty turquoise, a powder pink, red, and white.

Not only am I dying over these phones but I'm insane over this magazine. I think my entire Christmas list could be filled from decor pulled straight from these very pages!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Weekend SALE - Home Decor

WEEKEND SALE on all Home Decor - 25% off for all of my Twitter, Facebook and Blog followers starts now. If you see something you want convo me through Etsy or email me at and I'll adjust the price for you.

Sale goes live on Etsy tonight, late night!

Happy Weekend Shopping.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

This Weekend in LA

If you're in Los Angeles this weekend there is some good holiday presents to be had. In fact, even if you're not in Los Angeles there are some great sales to be had! Just check out this jewelry by Sage Jewelry.

Bracelets and earrings from $25 and some beautiful necklaces from around $45. I haven't bought mine yet but that's because I'm waking up early tomorrow and heading to the "Blow Out Estate Sale" The Estate Sale Company is hosting for the designer. Everything from vintage clothing and jewelry to candles and soaps.

The Estate Sale Company is busy this weekend, they're also hosting a sale in Hancock Park that looks to be full of some fine antiques. Just check out the link above for these sales and next weekends as well.

Also this weekend are a whole slew of sales, most with sweets, drinks and even the Grilled Cheese Truck is going to make an appearance at the Bust Holiday Craftacular in Echo Park at The Echoplex on Saturday from 10am - 6pm, the truck will be there between 4-6pm in case you'd like to schedule your visit accordingly.

You can find a list of the many great sales around town this weekend on Apartment Therapy's Event Calendar.

And if one were so inclined they could trek to Chatsworth for all the regular sightings in addition to a doll and birdcage collection and old sci-fi magazines from the 50's!

Saturday & Sunday

Happy thrifting this weekend ya'll!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Winter Blues

At a chilly 55 degrees with showers on the horizon winter has finally hit Los Angeles and as it always does, just in time for the holiday party season, the cold season has caught up with me. One would think after all these years fighting the dreadful little bug I'd have my routine down pat but I don't. I never remember from one year to the next what works for me, most likely because nothing ever does.

Enter the 1801 Home Remedies book that's been housed deep under my bedside table for the past several months since acquiring it from me mum.

A good reference book not because it's helped cure my ailing cold, I'm going on day four, but because I learned a thing or two I didn't already know. Let's just say good-bye hottie-tottie, hello hot lemonade! Alcohol and caffeine will dehydrate your system and make symptoms worse whereas gargling with a squeeze of lemon juice and some warm water will create a "hostile environment" for the bacteria and viruses. And mixing the juice of half a lemon with warm water and a teaspoon of honey can relieve the pain and has become my new favorite nighttime elixir.

The remedies in this book mingle between slightly strange, suck on garlic it has a natural antiseptic, to the obvious "Jewish Penicillin" aka chicken noodle soup baby!

It's down to curing this cold so I get back out there and start thrifting again, oh and let's not forget styling myself for those fancy schmancy holiday parties!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Clothing SALE This Weekend ONLY

SellingVintage is having a weekend clothing and ACCESSORIES sale. The sale will start tomorrow but for all my lovely readers it starts now! If there's anything in the store that you're eying send me an email: - 30% off for my blog readers, Facebook Fans and Twitter followers. That's more than I'll be offering once the items are marked down!

Also be sure to check the already on sale items for clothing and accessories to be marked down even further.

Because I love you!

DIY Christmas Tree

I can honestly say I've never watched the Martha Stewart Show, I mean, that is until today when I was channel surfing and writing my previous blog post. Like I said... gushing over Martha today!

I don't think you know but one of my favorite DIY projects is using pages of magazines to make CD covers for the CD's I burn and give away around the holidays. They're also great as hip wrapping paper, and now I have a new way to use my old magazines - as Christmas Tree decor.

Here's the low down I learned from Martha and her guest.

Step 1: fold each, yes each, page from the upper outer point in like below.

Step 2: now fold each page in again, the page you're folding should look like a tie. Do this to EVERY page, no one said it wasn't a time consuming project!

You're hard work is starting to payoff, once this is done you'll see the tree starting to form.

Step 3: fold each bottom up so that it's flat and then tuck it in.

Now for the easy part.

Step 4: get out your paint, I used white because it's what I have on hand but they used gold on Martha's show and it was sooo pretty. Glitter is nice too. NOW spray away!

And voila, you have a pretty little Christmas Tree for your holiday decor.

Do this while you watch TV, play online, whatever. It took me about an hour, done and done. An hour and a half if you include this blog post.

Holiday Decor & fun DIY

Admittingly it takes me a while to get into the holiday spirit, admittingly I am still NOT and so it's pretty surprising, to me anyway, that I have hosted a holiday party every year for the past three years. I love doing it but this year it just ain't happening. I'm sad about that but planning a post New Year's party instead!

So, I was putzin around my blog roll yesterday trying to get my groove back in this here blog-o-sphere when I came across this post, titled "Return of the Martha Balls" by i suwanee. This spiraled me out of control into the world wide web where I found a couple of fun DIY projects for the holiday season.

I have a vision of my living room covered in "Martha Balls" sometime after the new year. DIY instructions for these Tissue Paper Flower Pom Poms, I like the sound of Martha Balls better, can be found here on Martha Stewart's crafty little website.

Along the way I came across instructions for how to make these Japanese inspired surprise balls. What a fun gift idea for the person who has everything! As you unwind the ball little fun gifts fall out through the layers. Imagine it, you're left with a pile of confetti at your feet - FUN!

I snagged the below photo from fellow blogger Sandra Juto who received one of these as a gift, check out her site for pictures of this lovely ball as it unwinds.

In the instance that you are just too busy to sit down and make one of these or not feeling crafty you can purchase them at Kisok for $45 or at TOPS Malibu, prices vary but are significantly cheaper.

But wait, I'm not done - I told you I got lost in the World Wide Web!

I hate to say it, I really do, but I'm totally crushing on Martha Stewart today. Check out these classic "fabric balls" aka Christmas Ornaments that you can make sans sewing machine. I see in my future Mulled Wine and glue!

Anyone care to join me?!