Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Winter Blues

At a chilly 55 degrees with showers on the horizon winter has finally hit Los Angeles and as it always does, just in time for the holiday party season, the cold season has caught up with me. One would think after all these years fighting the dreadful little bug I'd have my routine down pat but I don't. I never remember from one year to the next what works for me, most likely because nothing ever does.

Enter the 1801 Home Remedies book that's been housed deep under my bedside table for the past several months since acquiring it from me mum.

A good reference book not because it's helped cure my ailing cold, I'm going on day four, but because I learned a thing or two I didn't already know. Let's just say good-bye hottie-tottie, hello hot lemonade! Alcohol and caffeine will dehydrate your system and make symptoms worse whereas gargling with a squeeze of lemon juice and some warm water will create a "hostile environment" for the bacteria and viruses. And mixing the juice of half a lemon with warm water and a teaspoon of honey can relieve the pain and has become my new favorite nighttime elixir.

The remedies in this book mingle between slightly strange, suck on garlic it has a natural antiseptic, to the obvious "Jewish Penicillin" aka chicken noodle soup baby!

It's down to curing this cold so I get back out there and start thrifting again, oh and let's not forget styling myself for those fancy schmancy holiday parties!


  1. I'm fighting my own winter bug too! I've been drinking a lot of hot tea and getting as much rest as I can!

    Hope we both feel better soon!

  2. Thanks Lauren. You too. It's going around. Must be because winter has finally hit!

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