Thursday, December 3, 2009

DIY Christmas Tree

I can honestly say I've never watched the Martha Stewart Show, I mean, that is until today when I was channel surfing and writing my previous blog post. Like I said... gushing over Martha today!

I don't think you know but one of my favorite DIY projects is using pages of magazines to make CD covers for the CD's I burn and give away around the holidays. They're also great as hip wrapping paper, and now I have a new way to use my old magazines - as Christmas Tree decor.

Here's the low down I learned from Martha and her guest.

Step 1: fold each, yes each, page from the upper outer point in like below.

Step 2: now fold each page in again, the page you're folding should look like a tie. Do this to EVERY page, no one said it wasn't a time consuming project!

You're hard work is starting to payoff, once this is done you'll see the tree starting to form.

Step 3: fold each bottom up so that it's flat and then tuck it in.

Now for the easy part.

Step 4: get out your paint, I used white because it's what I have on hand but they used gold on Martha's show and it was sooo pretty. Glitter is nice too. NOW spray away!

And voila, you have a pretty little Christmas Tree for your holiday decor.

Do this while you watch TV, play online, whatever. It took me about an hour, done and done. An hour and a half if you include this blog post.


  1. This is so cool Melissa! I have a ton of old magazines that I'm going to do this with! My house will surely be more festive this year!