Thursday, July 16, 2009


As of late my collection of goodies for sale has been growing but as a result of little time and souring temperatures I've slacked on the photography front. That is until this week, and so for now I will hold out on you no longer. I present to you more goodies from my day trip to Ventura and thrift store and yard sale finds from weeks past.

Love Love Love the graphics on this brown and white teacup set, and I love even more that there's four sets not one!

I know it's nice to have new things in your home, things that show no wear but wear is one of my favorite aspects of buying vintage. It says a lot about these glasses that their original owner cherished them enough to actually use them.

As luck would have it I never find vintage shoes that fit, if I did it would be impossible to part with these cuties.

It turns out this iron isn't anything too special but it works and that's always a plus.

This tin owl may not be not vintage (who knows) but it's quite adorable. Realization: I have a thing for owls.

It's pretty well agreed upon that practically anything made mini is far cuter than it's counterpart and these Martini glasses are no exception.

I've actually been trying to sell this thermos on Etsy for a while now but just got around to taking some decent photos, however even these do no justice to the fantastic lines and contemporary black and white.

Back when I hit up the Rose Bowl I bought a couple of aprons that sold very well at the Antique Station. This isn't my favorite but it's pretty cute and I'm officially on the look out.

There you have it, that wasn't too bad.

On another note, I'm heading to N. California in a couple of weeks, if there's anyone up there reading my blog who's interested in purchasing anything you see here or on the lookout for something in particular please let me know, I'd be thrilled to share these goodies with you!


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