Sunday, July 19, 2009

One Grandma's Junk

Around two months ago my grandmother invited all the ladies to rummage through her junk before it made it's way to the good 'ole Goodwill. Barely a thing made it's way out of her house, and up until last week not a thing sat on a shelf waiting to become some other souls treasure. To my good fortune my grandmother is a procrastinator which made way for me to swoop in and collect her junk before she had mind enough to pack it up and hall it out.

All of her items now sit on a shelf at the Antique Mall.

A teak salad bowl set.

This thermos reminds me of the circus!

I think Grandma was quite partial to this since she kept going on and on about the fact that it will carry a cake AND a pie - which is frankly wonderful!

I love the the design element to this chopper, it's too bad one of the blades broke off.

Someone is selling this coffee pot on Ebay for around $20!

Of all the coffee dispenser's I've seen this one's pretty cute but not the ultimate, still, it beats the boring black and silver ones.

I've seen this coffee warmer around infrequently so I can't say it's rare but this one is definitely in better condition than most.

Dude... this is so cool! Can you imagine having to crush ice like this regularly?

A popcorn popper - need I say more?!

For a women who doesn't drink coffee my grandmother sure did have a lot of caffeine related items in her home.

This 70's beverage dispenser brews tea and is ready to go, perfect for a summer BBQ.


  1. How could the ladies have left these behind?! Good thing I wasn't there, especially those tempting teak bowls! Stan

  2. Thanks for saying so Stan! I have to admit I'm quite thrilled with those gals. Someone did get off with the vintage KitchenAid mixer however - I guess that goes to show we can have a lot but not everything!

  3. I have that ice crusher! It is fabulous.