Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Partying with B&E

The vanity space I shared with you in the previous post verged on becoming a wee bit personal after all it's the intimate space I have for myself, but today's post feels to me like it may just be too much information. The difference being regression.

It all started around three years ago with the ever so crotchety Eeyore. I picked him up at Disneyland and have since managed to acquire four stuffed animals - for a women verging on thirty four may be four too many. But just yesterday this humble collection managed to grow by, oh... seven! And I have to say eleven is definitely too many. But they are cute, vintage, and have sentimental value.

As you may know if you've been reading this blog from the beginning Scott and I are helping his parents clean out their home of twenty plus years, and with this comes a lot of stuff. Most of it has been taken to the Antique Station but when I showed up with a garbage bag full of stuffed animals there were some we just couldn't part with.

They gossip - I work

It's fitting to perch a monkey surrounded by music atop a 1930's chest, don't you think?

Ahh... Goofy

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