Sunday, August 16, 2009

Road-Side Photographer

"The best camera is the one you have" - said by my friend Ivett Chicas before I embarked on this cross-country trip.

It's day one. Not only have we made excellent time but we have displayed the soul of true road-warriors, driving an eleven hour haul from Palm Springs clear to the middle of Utah.

On the road by 8am we lost an hour and arrived in Green River, Utah at 8:15pm! Smaller but far more alive, even with the boarded up gas stations and cafes along the one mile strip than our original sleepy destination of Richfield, Utah.

On a minor level I'm obsessed with Green River. The bright lights of Vegas reign throughout the town, a slow quiet river runs along the middle, half the town has been boarded up, keys tossed to the side due to our delightful economy and a majority of the population are tourists looking for some solitude.

The drive here was a long, pleasant journey through the familiar desert outside of California. Towns popped up along the way like a mirage, a place known only by those who never want to be known of again. Pink plateaus turned into green rolling hills, into vibrant red clay molds dashing toward the sky and back into pink plateaus.

The sun set just as we rolled into town.

And not once did we stop for a thrift store but twice we stopped for coffee. Tomorrow is another day and we've vowed to take it slow. A morning detour off the main highway and a thrift store or two along the way. Oh what the day beholds!

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