Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cross Country Road Trippin'

There were days not to long ago when a road trip involving moi driving across the country would've meant, at the very least, a plan set in place one month in advance and a suitcase packed 1-2 weeks prior. Those days are so far gone I can't even see them in my rear view mirror.

Here we are going on the Wednesday before the long-haul begins and I can barely conjure the excitement to plan said route, I still haven't UN-packed my suitcase from northern California not to mention packed for five days across the country and five in NYC. And I need to be ready to go by Saturday!

Please forgive me if I sound as if I'm complaining, I certainly am not, honestly I couldn't be more excited. I'm merely stating my awe over time and how it gets the best of us - just another cliche ringing true as they all tend to do.

But I digress. I finally sat down and mapped out the trip, and even though we won't be venturing along any of the routes on the above map (Route 66 was considered) I thought this website, www.roadtripusa.com was worth a mention. It's the only place I was able to find on the web that lays out optional routes. On top of this places of interest in the various states are highlighted. I only wish someone would do THAT for my random route.

Here you have it, and any suggestions along the way are welcome!

I-15 through Nevada, Arizona and Utah
I-70 through Utah and Colorado
I-76 through Colorado into Nebraska
I-80 through Nebraska, Indiana, Ohio
I-90 through Ohio, Pennsylvania and we're almost there!

Any thrift store suggestions are VERY welcome.


  1. If you land anywhere near Sioux City, check out my blog for thrift store ideas...they ROCK here!

  2. I already thought of you! The closest I'm going to get is Omaha. : (

  3. It would STILL be worth that hour and a half of travel...seriously:)
    Have a safe and fun trip and talk to you when you return!

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