Sunday, August 30, 2009

Gone. Gone. Gone!

Lately my booth at the Antique Station has been the cause of a small percent of my routine anxiety. Contributing to this in a major way is the very first piece of furniture I loaded into the booth, a mid-century style veneer desk purchased from my holy grail of a thrift store. Initially this desk looked like a steal at $25, it still does, but as we hauled in collections that spanned decades the booth filled past capacity and the desk quickly became a space hogging burden.

Considering the Antique Station is conveniently close to Chapman University I've been telling myself for months to be patient, to wait for the school year. My patience started to run its course back in July when I grabbed the red pen and slashed the price, and still I waited.

So last week when I was in New York my buddy from the station who sympathizes with my urgency for the banishment of this desk phoned me up, he had good news - trumpets played and angels sang, and the person next me maybe considered me an escapee from Bellevue. It was a glorious moment!

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