Monday, June 1, 2009


Finally, we sold somethings!

The antique stall originally began as a way to help my boyfriend Scott help his parents rid their home of years, decades actually, of collecting. Mainly they collected baseball cards, three very large closets full of many unopened packs, boxes, and sets, we're also selling tons of Star Wars toys and Beanie Babies, in addition to a little movie memorabilia. Deciding Ebay was a bit over saturated led us to the Antique Mall, after shopping for additions outside of the teen geek world I wonder why I didn't start doing this years ago - I could be a pro by now.

Instead my prices are iffy, Scott's are not, I actually walked in the booth last week and shocked that I had the audacity to price some coasters at $50 I promptly changed it to $15. But that 20% off sign I put up the week prior helped bring in some sells - five to be exact. Two of those were "sets" of baseball cards, two were items I pulled out of my closet and one was a pair of shoes I bought at a thrift store... YES!


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