Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Time is a commodity I have a lot more of than money these days, a theme that resides with much of the country, and with time has come the opportunity to put more effort toward discovering new interests. Obviously I have focused some of my time on scouring thrift stores and yard sales, and writing about my discoveries on this blog.

Unfortunately or maybe fortunately for me my interest in design doesn't mean I'm good at creating design, and as mentioned previously my friend Tony and I entered into a barter agreement - he designed the logo you see here and I've been ever so periodically on the hunt for vintage tee's. The enjoyment I find weeding through thrift store bric-brac does not relay over to thrift store clothing but a deal is a deal. Hitting up the racks attempt number one left me empty handed but once again thrift store Mecca paid off, here are the finds, some better than others.

This here is the shirt Tony likes - HALLELUJAH, I found one!

This shirt is cool but looking like it was purchased from a department store within the last couple years isn't all THAT cool. I contemplated it but unsure what I was looking for gave it a go.

This would be great if it wasn't made by the Gap - same issue as above.

Love this shirt. It's not Tony but I think it might be our friend Chris.

What girl doesn't love herself a fire-fighter, really, just wear it.

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  1. I am so glad I found your blog! I will be haunting it often...