Tuesday, June 9, 2009


The one constant question is a matter of price - am I marking items too low or too high? Price guides certainly exist, and I should be referencing them just in case. However many of the items I am trying to sell are not in these guides and determining their worth is a personal judgment, one that I've seen is different for every person. Easy? I think not.

Today I finally found information online on dishware I found and promptly fell in love with (I'm easy) a couple weeks ago. It's a partial 8-piece dinner set with dinner plates, bread and butter plates, cereal bowls, cups and saucers, a serving platter and vegetable serving bowl, and the cutest salt and pepper shakers. Naturally I wanted to keep it for myself and rid my kitchen of the boring dishes I currently use, however I thought it wiser to try and make some money so I put it up for sale and now I sit here nervous that someone actually bought it because if they did they got a deal!

The pieces I have though incomplete are selling for a grand total of $360 online! Here they are:

Found at the Salvation Army (my all time favorite).

The style is Hacienda-Green even though it's yellow and cream. The quality is amazing, things aren't made like this in China - thank you California!

As you can see here I've priced this "partial" set of Franciscan Earthenware to sell!

The price guide I used is here.

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