Monday, June 29, 2009


Hundreds of Star Wars toys from Scott's collection packed for the Antique Station

The habit of collecting is a hobby I never fully understood since I never thought of myself as a collector. But when you break it down I'm willing to bet that everyone is or was a collector of something at some point. Two obvious types of collectors are those like myself who don't fancy themselves collectors and those like my now live-in-boyfriend Scott who border on hoarding.

Although I do feel like a complete fake calling myself by the term collector, it's been quite the epiphany realizing the collector of my childhood. Isn't it safe to say that all children are collectors? I collected Barbie Dolls and Cabbage Patch Kids, granted they were my toys and I did play with them, unlike Scott who has hundreds of unopened Star Wars toys and boxes of unopened baseball cards, I had more than three and in one bloggers opinion that constitutes a collection. The difference - his are pristine and mine, well... they were sold in a yard sale years ago.

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