Thursday, June 18, 2009

Oh la la - vintage dresses!

Traditionally I have two rules when shopping for a vintage dress, these rules also apply when shopping in general:

1. Do I like it?
2. Does it fit?

Pretty simple. But now that I'm Selling Vintage I'm finding myself considering and making myself crazy over clothes that fall under "other".

Things that go through my head:

It's cute but has shoulder pads (a loud shriek ensues).
Doesn't fit.
Would someone like it anyway?
Is it worth anything?

The frustration over having these questions and the inability to promptly locate the item on my Iphone gets to be too much - I toss it all back and leave. That's what happened today anyway.

Below are a few photos I took before jumping ship, I would love to hear what you think.

Cindy Mancini spilled red wine on her mother's white suede dress, could this be it - died to cover it up!

Paired with a belt and pretty tan flats this vintage dress could be the closest thing we have to a winner.

A little electric blue number could add a lot of fun to any closet but this one isn't worth it's $7 price tag.

Those are separate sleeves with what I assume looks like a necklace on, and the dress... velvet. Need I say more?

Promptly upon arriving home I jumped online to see what I could find out about some of these dresses, and promptly I was side-tracked by the dance dresses at Posh Girl Vintage. The images in the collage of photos above are taken from their website - merely a handful of the goodies available.

I have one last question for you - bring back the 50's mom with me?


  1. I headed back to the thrift store this morning and tried some dresses on - that little red number, ick. But I did leave with a cute retro 60's dress for fall, a black I. Magnin that's too big for me and this strangely cute jersey jumper that I assume is from the 80's.

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