Friday, June 26, 2009

Vintage Mag Ads - Oh My!

Sorry I've been MIA this week my darling readers, really there is just no good excuse. But I'm coming back at you with this fantastic collection of magazine ads ranging from the early 1900's to the 1970's. They're inspirational, they're fun, and... they're for sale! Most anyway.

Wrangler 1978

Foster Grant 1967 featuring Woody Allen

Carlye 1952

Liliann 1954

Peck and Peck 1952

Ship 'n Shore 1952

Monte Sano and Pruzan 1949

Himelhoch's 1949

Acme Gloves 1949

Revillon 1925

GD Corsets 1902

Aren't those little gems fun. I can't tell you how much in love with magazines I am - always have been. It's such a shame what has happened to that industry due to this "recession" that we are in, all of these fantastic magazines have gone under. I can only dream that when things pick up again we'll see a swarm of new and wonderful titles hit the shelves.

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