Friday, June 26, 2009

Early Birdies

Prepping for an early morning tomorrow, rise and shine is 7am - hitting the sales with a gang by 8am! I've just compiled a gnarly list of yard sales from WEHO eastward, three pages to be exact. Why you ask, I'm unsure, it's far to many for one day! And since I hate to be selfish with my time I thought I should offer to share - if there's anyone out there in LA who'd like join my yard sale email list (so far it's just me) hit me up at SELLINGVINTAGE@GMAIL.COM and I'll forward it along to you whenever I compile one! It's not every week but hey, why should we both do the work.

Also, the list will change weekly, some days I'll be hitting up Santa Monica and others the Valley or OC so you'll never know what you get. Surprise, surprise lovelies.

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