Monday, May 18, 2009

YIKES! Earthquake.

This evening, like most others, I was chillin' at home searching the web and watching TV when a strong jolt hit my house rattling all of Nana's China and for the first time in five years my nerves along with it, my heart was racing and hands shaking and my initial thought was securing the China and then what to do if it doesn't stop, and then it stopped. It's a strange feeling immediately after one of these little shakers, everything gets quite and you wait for it to keep going, listening, I may even stop breathing, like that will allow me to hear it better.

A couple of thoughts:

1. I really hope I'm not in town when the biggie hits
2. I'm scared the biggie is going to hit soon
3. I need to get Nana's China some place safe
4. How does a dog react? Do they sense it before it happens?

Apparently the answer to number four is yes, a significant time before it occurs they behave in an unusual manner - search results:

Here's a picture of Lucas - the dog that is going to warn me before the next one hits. I just hope I listen.


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