Friday, May 15, 2009

The piece that got away

It's almost been a week since I started to blog, and I've found that it can be a tough business coming up with something worth putting to text on a daily basis. Fortunately, a day hasn't gone by that I haven't visited a thrift store and so those nights that I've gone to bed wondering what I could possibly blog about again the following night have easily been put to rest.

Today was no different, I headed to the valley to pick up some free hooch that was sent to my boyfriend's old place of business and thought I'd hit up some new thrift stores before floral class. The hooch happened to be on Victory three long blocks from Sepulveda where my all time favorite Salvation Army is, naturally I stopped by for a visit, and by-the-way tomorrow (Friday) is 50% off day. I left with some Bric-Brac and a couple of skirts and I found that I really prefer it on Tuesday when the entire store is 30% off, and even more on the first and last Friday of the month when the entire store is 50% off.

It's a semi-tragic experience to find a piece of furniture that makes your head spin it's so good and to come to the conclusion that you simply cannot buy it. This happened today 30 seconds after I walked into SAVN. There it sat, a long, white table with eight perfect floral print blue chairs gathered around it, looking like the only table I want to sip champagne at during afternoon brunch, and yet I could not buy it. This has nothing to do with money, although if it had then money may have been a problem, and it has nothing to do with size, I would've made the two trips it would've taken to get it home, it has to do with... size. There is no way I could fit that pretty piece in my little 8x8 booth, just no way. So I took a picture to share with you and maybe find out what you would've done - would you make it work?

I thought I could store the piece, in fact, maybe I could store a couple of pieces and keep a book in my stall with photos, that way if anyone were interested they could just give a call and set an appointment. Maybe I'll work on that. Maybe I'll head back tomorrow when the store is 50% off and buy the dang thing - I'll let you know.

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