Saturday, May 16, 2009

Finds from the week.

It's been a busy week scouring thrift stores and Craigslist, and more thrift stores - determined to find more than one go to. I'm ruling out the west side, though I will give it another go in the coming weeks, and I'm prepared to say that the Valley rocks, yes that is right, The Valley has a haven of thrift store finds. But enough talk it's time for some pictures of the goodies I picked up this week.


I actually picked up two of this cute little container last week at a thrift store in the OC. The thrift store turned out to be a real dud considering it's size but this find made it was worth sifting through the junk. One at home, the other at the station - $20.

A sturdy little suitcase, my guess is circa sometime in the 70's. I've yet to decide if I'll sell this or the pretty blue one below which was bought off Ivett when she moved to Spain.

I actually use this suitcase and the wear is beginning to show - it may be better at a home where it's only use is as decoration.


I may just hang on to these little beauties for a while but if I keep this up there won't be much for the already empty booth.

Walking around and around the UCLA Thrift Store with nothing much to look at I debated these surfboard coasters for a bit, it turns out I'm pretty happy with the purchase. Maybe I can make $15 or $20 off of them, we'll know soon enough.


Considering this was a yard sale find it was way overpriced, I was able to talk them down to $10, it's crystal, very pretty and came in the original Joseph Magnin black and white checkered box - cute!

The booth needs more clutter and this was practically free.

It's a nightlight!

I still can't decide, is there anything special about this wine rack?


There are four of these pinkies, I love love love them but I'm running out of room since I decided to part with the table to make room for the dog crate. The question is whether to let them all go or only two with the preference leaning toward two - sad.

All of these goodies are going into the booth next week. It's going to be exciting to see if anything sold - yikes!

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