Sunday, May 10, 2009


I love stuff. Specifically old stuff, stuff for the house, designy stuff, cute stuff, 50's stuff or anything with nostalgia. I recently got a stall at the Antique Station in the Orange Circle, in the city of Orange, in the county of Orange just off Glassel. My stuff is being sold there. Here I am blogging about my stuff, stuff I keep and stuff I sell. It's not easy for me to sell my stuff, everything I buy I love. I've vowed to only buy stuff that I would keep in my house, stuff I would wear and stuff I hate to part with, that way if I can't sell my stuff at least I'll be happy with what I have.

I question myself a lot so even if I love my purchase I may still be nervous about it, and I'll blog about that and we'll see what happens. And if I love something too much I may just mark it up like crazy, and we'll see what happens - like the kick-ass fondue pot I recently bought, really, I don't know how I can part with it. Or the chipped pottery - I've never owned pottery. And if those camel suede shoes fit it'd be very, very tough.

I'm always on the hunt, for cool, for kitschy, danish modern, great dresses and shoes, and kitchen stuff, I love that nostalgia 50's mom with the apron and the dress, I love my apron, I love to cook and to entertain, and to be crafty. My Nana and I have the same style, what I have of hers I am fortunate to have - I wear my Nana's jewelry, I use her vases for my flowers, and her dishes for my food. I like birdies, and bright colors, and clean lines.

I like to hear what people think and get ideas from them. I'm always looking for a good thrift store, a good yard sale, a deal. I'm blogging about my stuff because I think it'll be fun, and if anybody decides to read this and wants to buy my stuff let me know. Some stuff I sell, some I could be persuaded to sell and there's some I just can't get rid of.

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