Tuesday, May 19, 2009

OC Bound

Oh, tomorrow is such an exciting day. I love heading to the OC with my car packed full, I love filing all the toys into my booth, and I'm so excited to see if anything sold. Part of me suspects that I won't have a ticket to my name since all of my goodies were priced fairly high but I really really hope that suspicion is wrong. It'll be so thrilling to see which items went and what people will pay for these things. I mean, it is completely possible that I'm the only fool out there who would be willing to pay $80.00 for a fondue pot - it's possible.

Check back tomorrow to see what sold, or not.


  1. Good luck! Where is this booth of yours anyway?


  2. In the Orange Circle - at the Antique Station.

  3. Umm... it's still at home, waiting for me to use it and then sell it. ; ) That may never happen though, so I'll take it down this week.