Monday, May 25, 2009

Reality Check

The weekend has introduced a few new lessons, two of which pertain to this blog: as seen from the non-existent entries over the long weekend daily blogging can be difficult when life ensues, c'est la vie, and if I'm interested in making money "selling vintage" then I best find interest in selling my items vs. keeping them and get realistic with my pricing.

Everyone has a limit on the value of an item and between two good friends that price can vary by $10-$20 depending on the bargain shopper. Unfortunately my current pricing is around $10-$15 higher than estimates of the high bidder, meaning nothing sold.

With few items to install in the booth this week I'll have plenty of time to exchange tags - the bright side of hardly shopping for the week.


Like I said, not much shopping.

1 comment:

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