Friday, October 2, 2009


When I embark for a thrift adventure it's not typical for me to have an agenda. Usually it's a spur of the moment decision, albeit one that occurs on a fairly regular basis, that takes me on something of a cross town scavenger hunt. Granted I'm always on the hunt for furniture, it's a big love of mine but rarely is there an agenda. However, I do find the thrift gods shine down on me when it's most appropriate.

I'd been wanting a set of Pyrex Primary Color Nesting Bowls for about a month when I came across an incomplete set for what I thought was a little more than I would like to pay, but I sucked it up and bought 'em knowing very well that I may have to bid on Pyrex Green at auction or hold out until I got lucky. Fortunately for me luck was on the horizon, I picked myself up the missing link in Colorado for a mere $.25 making the $20 I shelled out previously worth the investment.

Recently I packed that drawer beneath the stove a little too tightly and now I can't open it (suggestions are more than welcome). What made me sadder than the fact that Scott now has trouble baking a dozen cookies is that ever so pretty cast-iron enamel casserole I found so recently it hadn't been photographed is now trapped, TRAPPED! But you know what? Within a week I came across a yellow Le Creuset pot AND that beautiful Dansk Paella Pan. The luck!

What I find interesting is that there seems to be themes, color themes, in the majority of items I find during a period of time. I never did get around to posting Blue, but you remember Orange? It was awesome! I loved so much of the stuff I found that was orange, it would've been great in any color but orange was the theme that month. Maybe you've noticed that yellow seems to be the most recent theme. Most of these ever so fun finds I came across in the recent weeks past.

Isn't it funny how that happens? Do you notice consistency in your thrift store finds or am I just looking for it? It's looks like the sun is shining down on me this month.



  1. I adore the way you displayed your Pyrex bowls. Maybe I'm a bit slow, but I've never seen them shown that way. Great idea! And you'd better un-trap that casserole. I use mine so much that I couldn't cook with out it, and I bet you're gonna want some cookies very soon!

    Happy Weekend!


  2. Stan - I wish I could! After struggling for an hour with a clothes hanger and attempting to take my stove apart I'm at a loss, the mean 'ole cookie pan is the warden and he ain't letting anyone out. Sad...

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