Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Estate Sale Things

Friday I was able to find time between jumping downtown to the flower mart and designing flowers to hit up the Estate Sale of an Encino women who recently passed. She clearly lived alone for many years, there was not a sign of a masculine figure to be had. All three bedrooms had closets packed full of clothes, the dressers were bulging with accessories, she had more handbags than I care to ever own, if owning too many handbags were a possibility. Clearly this was a women who entertained, spent formal evenings out, and had the money to do so.

Frankly, I was overwhelmed! If heading back on Saturday were a possibility I would've taken full advantage, but alas it was not. So I spent hours weeding through closets, drawers, boxes, bedrooms and bathrooms. The house threw up half it's belongings in the backyard, where I met an old man from down the way who fathomed over the plausibility that one person could have owned this much, to which I let him know I am well on my way. I don't know if he was more intrigued by the fact that I planned to resell the things I was buying or "watching" me rummage through the junk.

Most people tend toward courteous, some actually friendly, so its hilarious when you encounter the grabby people, like this women didn't collect enough over the decades to go around. There was this one women who literally lied to me when she said a whole box of items were hers, really she had yet to go through them - oh SNAP! But boy was I pissed when I saw the rockin' green and blue pairs of elbow length gloves she pulled from that bin.

I have a real soft spot for anything that pretties up an outfit, namely purses, scarves, gloves and jackets. But I have a hard time selling these things, and it's not because I want to keep them all. Actually, maybe it is, but it's also because I don't know what I can sell them for, nor how to display them. The cost of vintage clothes and accessories run the gamut mainly depending on who's selling them.

But look at the clasps on that green silk clutch, so cute, and I don't know if you can tell the blue one is suede, it's blue suede from the 50's! I had to buy them. And even though it was expensive it was impossible to let the beaded emerald clutch go. I bought six purses in all and I probably should have kept digging but I didn't want to be greedy.

Ah, what better way to whet my palette than to dive right in.

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  1. The greedies create bad thrift karma, and it will bite them in the behind one day when they least expect it!