Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Birthday Present

It may be that I'm a bit self-obsessed, you see my birthday is coming up, it's a mere week away, and naturally I love my birthday. I've always looked forward to the big day, and like most things in childhood it never could come quick enough, but boy it sure was gone in a flash. Still, I can't say I've always LOVED my birthday. But that changed when I met my friend Morgan who introduced me to the concept of Birthday Week and broke wide open the most delicious can of worms. I learned that during birthday week I always get my way, and I like getting my way, because who can't give into a sweet plea of "but... it's birthday week!". There aren't many gifts better than that.

In fact, how often do you remember what you got for you birthday years after it's passed purely because it was the most unexpected and perfect gift? I'd say I've received a few, and that's being generous, in my pushing (I'm just going to say it) thirty years. One of these gifts I was using just today and decided it would be an appropriate time to share this with you. A beautiful set of green three leaf clover teacups in just my taste.

All I can say is three maybe four years later I still pull these out of the cupboard thinking LOVE LOVE LOVE. Thank you Julie! Verbatim. Yes, Julie is thought of often.

Julie I've known a very long time, we talk infrequently but she knows what her friends like. She's sweet and creative and well, her birthday is the day after mine so it makes since that she's all honey and graffiti rolled up in one. This is turning into quite the ode to Julie but her birthday is coming up too and she deserves it. I have only one more thing to say about Julie and that is, she was hitting the yard sale circuit and turning a dime long before myself, and you guessed it, maybe, did you guess that Julie got these pretty little clover teacups at a yard sale?

She did. Look, these dainty green teacups are from Neiman Marcus and were made in Japan! Awesome, I know.

So... yup, my birthday, October 8th, yup, 1979! It's... strange. It's even more strange to think that it's strange, because age has never mattered much to me before, but for the first time in ten years I could give it or I could take it. I guess I'm not taking full advantage of the birthday week. It's high time I start!

What's the most memorable, favorite, worst, whatever, birthday present you've ever received? Now, now, it's birthday week people, don't even THINK about leaving me high and dry! After all, I know who you are.



  1. Hahaha. Hilarious. I was just contemplating your birthday!

    So, my best birthday present ever was this year: My Kitty, Zora!

    She's sitting by my side meowing out her opinion on this post as I type.

  2. I have 2 favorite birthday gifts:

    1. I believe I was turning 16, my friends threw me a surprise party ... totally unexpected. Was the bestest.

    2. Last year, all my good friends got together for a wonderful night of Mexican cuisine ... also the bestest.

  3. Awww... thank you! I love you too and your teacups! Happy Birthday week!!!!

  4. Happy Birthday Week!!!

    One of my favorite gifts was from Scott. It was book about how to take over the world without anyone knowing. I still reference it from time to time.

  5. Thanks guys for sharing - what fun!

  6. happy birthday week...and don't forget about sloppy sunday birthday is the best way to end a birthday week!