Monday, October 5, 2009

R.I.P Gourmet

I love vintage, I love shopping, naturally I love thrift store shopping but I really don't have to tell you that do I? What you may not know is that my love for magazines goes back much further than even my love for vintage, to childhood, mother would shop and I would divulge in eye candy. Embarrassingly, my interest at that time didn't stray much from the Teen Beat and Seventeen genre, but Teen Beat quickly faded and Seventeen turned into Vogue, to Vanity Fair, the New Yorker, and culturally exciting titles.

I love Vanity Fair though it's going to be amiss without Dominick Dunne, the New Yorker remains on the subscription list, as do Architectural Digest and Dwell.

My third love, there is no order, is food. I wouldn't call myself a foodie -- just like hipsters don't consider themselves hipsters I'm sure -- but really, if I am it's amatuer hour at my house. Over the years the cost of dinner has increased with the development of my palette, and my interest in food and food related interests has increased as well.

Today foodies across the country are mourning the demise of Gourmet magazine. I have long subscribed to this magazine, the photographs are mouth watering, recipes inspiring, and the articles are educational and interesting... were. It's a sad day when a title close in age to my grandparents announces that it can no longer continue publishing.

It's long been newspapers fearing extinction but with 1,116 magazines having folded in 2007 and 2008 alone, not to mention the list piling up in 2009, and now this, it's apparent we'll be mourning the closure of many more titles as time goes on.

I never imagined this day would come, I've refused to acknowledge that print is on it's way out but it's starting to look like I'll need to hoard the magazines I love in order to keep them alive, even if I'll be living in the past.

R.I.P Gourmet


  1. I share your loss. Gourmet was one of my favorite magazines, and the food styling and photographs a treat I always looked forward to. Stan

  2. ... a little like losing a friend.