Monday, September 7, 2009

Vacaciones en España

I probably should've told you sooner but it just didn't come up until yesterday, and guess what... we leave tomorrow!

This summer has just flown by, every little bit lending to a perfect summer break. Okay, slicing my finger open yesterday sucked but only a little, and now with my neon colored band-aids I'll be rockin' a pretty cool thumbs-up all through Spain.

With all the excitement I still find time to miss our little man who we dropped off just today at the "sitter" and will now push him upon you in all of his cuteness. All together now, ahh... whatta cutie! Lucas, mi amor, yo le pierdo.

Swag Bucks, aka Google, has presented me with quite the thrifting predicament. You see, it appears there are very few if any "second hand stores" in Spain, giving me one, maybe two, no three's-a-charm chances of bringing home some serious loot.

Primera Oportunidad: On Sunday morning in Madrid you will find me photographing the streets of El Rastro, vying for the goods to make my suitcase burst at it's seams and to claim upon entering US Territory that I bring back nothing worth taxing. I hope to have such luck at the properly titled El Rastro Flea Market which is said to be Europe's largest!

Otra Oportunidad: Second is not always best. Salamanca, a 2 1/2 hour bus ride north west of Madrid also boasts an El Rastro Flea Market, also on Sunday mornings. It's a pity I'm unable to clone myself, to be in two places at once, or to fly at the speed of light, and it's really a pity I won't be in Spain for longer than one week. But it just so happens that the one, I mean it, one thrift store I learned about it my meager online search is in Salamanca. And to my luck Scott and I will be venturing here on Thursday and Friday. Can you believe it?! In just a few days! To my dismay, that was posted on a message board in 2001. Eeek.

Forgive me now for few blog posts over the next week, I'll blog as I can and will update you for certain upon our return to our home and to our doggie.

That's all folks.

* on second thought - the photos above are of El Rastro Flea Market in Madrid. I stole them from Flickr and have linked the images to the Flickr pages.


  1. OH what a shame there are so little second-hand stores in Madrid! I though there would be planty! I guess the second hand fashion didn't reach them yet- the photographs are amazing!

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