Sunday, September 6, 2009

My Labor Day (weekend) Soiree

We're really lucky to have a fantastic backyard for entertaining, and to live in LA where the weather permits its use more months out of the year than not. Unfortunately in these hottest months when pool days should be booked to the max I'm never home. So when a friend decided we were overdue for a little soiree I was all about offering up the pad, after all there's only one thing I love more than hosting a shindig - breaking out the vintage goodies for said shindig.

As mentioned, as you know if you read this blog regularly, as of late, traveling has been a regular on the agenda. Though one of those trips was a thrift adventure the rest have been a bit slow producing the goods - my way of apologizing if you've seen some of this stuff before, because you definitely did if you read my last soiree post.

Like that beautiful table cloth, I have but one if you can believe it! The easiest thing in the world to store and I have ONE. Not to worry, someday I may have two. In fact, if you didn't know already I'll be a away again... in Spain, and on the hunt for just that - the easiest of things to store. And at the next soiree there may be a new beauty to debut!

But it's not all old news, how about those primary color Pyrex nesting bowls and those shiny green and gold glasses, aren't they gems?

These Bascal tin cups take me back to those summers in the hood, temperatures souring around 120 degrees (it gets that hot in some places!), blue bicycles and broken fingers, cricket and cactus splinters. Some how that equates to good memories.

Are there vintage goods that invoke memories of summer for you? Do dare to share!


  1. Perhaps the best hostess on all of the West Coast! White wine always tastes better when drank out of amazing vintage glassware.

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