Thursday, September 24, 2009

I'm sorry, so sorry.

Dear SellingVintage(dot)blogspot(dot)com and it's sometimes readers,

I am terribly sorry for my recent lack of attention to you. Upon returning from Spain I encountered a bout of the blues that left me without words or moxie. I hope you'll understand and visit me regularly once again, after all it's your love that keeps me typing on.

Fortunately for us all my blues are easily cured with a little retail therapy, and fortunately for my pocket book LA has plenty of thrift stores to aid in my rescue. I've traversed the perimeter of the city, I've hit the Valley, OC and Pasadena. Regretfully I passed on some premium products but I found myself a bargain or two along the way, and now I have plenty of newbies to share with you next week.

But let us not forget that I have only recently returned from Spain and I have a debt to pay you - a review of Madrid's El Rastro Flea Market. I know you were waiting on pins and needles for so long, eventually you must have questioned if my computer was stolen along the way (it was not, but on day one my purse almost was!). Tune in tomorrow for photos and more on Spain.

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