Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Hunt.

Isn't it the pits when you have an exact image of something you want but you search and search and never come close to A.) finding it or B.) finding it within your measly little budget? Eventually you wind up with another item in it's place that hopefully puts a smile on your face when you walk into the room - what I'm ultimately striving for in a new credenza/media center.

I am utterly fed up with the blonde Jetson-esque piece currently hogging the attention in my living room. When I first purchased this piece a couple years ago I was thoroughly ecstatic about it but it's just one of those pieces that, at least for me, doesn't have lasting power. Plus in my defense I looked at when it was dark and was easily pushed over by it's price.

Around that same time I found the media center of my dreams, a long and low credenza with beautiful dark wood and playful white doors mixed with a wood face. Unfortunately I thought about it to long and some lucky soul beat me to the prize, after all that's what happens in the world of Craigslist. Now the closest thing I can find to it is this George Nelson credenza. As it stands I'm kicking myself on a pretty regular basis, if it actually was this credenza then I'm kicking myself even harder.


Look at all those drawers!

The other side.

I love love love how it could sit center in the room - a good backside it always a plus!

Okay, so it's beautiful, it's perfect and it's nuts expensive. I cannot, I will not spend that kind of dough... not now anyway.

In searching for a new credenza I came across some pretty cool ones that I thought I'd share with you here. These finds come via flickr so if you like what you see click the photo to visit that persons flickr page!

Found on Craiglist (can you tell... I'm obsessed!)

And then there's Silica Three in North Hollywood - I'm so obsessed, I want to BE them, I mean I want to buy and sell THEIR goodies!

Isn't it all so lovely? Doesn't it make you want to go out an buy a new credenza?!

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