Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My Ode to Apple

Oh Mac how you are the Apple of my eye. Without you I would be lost beyond despair, I would literally wind up in the hood somewhere. With the 'Around Me' app you help me to find thrift store after thrift store, and when I'm hungry we stop and lunch. With Google Maps you get me there. And with your camera I take pictures for my blog, top-notch I would like to add. Thank you Mac, I love you for creating the iPhone.

I'm no poet as you see, was that a poem? I didn't intend for it to be. I guess I'm just in a rhyming mood, to an extent obviously. I decided months ago that it would eventually be necessary to blog about my love for the iPhone, my thrifting companion as I like to say. I finally downloaded my first app in January, ever since I've held the world at my fingertips. I don't even KNOW how I would go about discovering thrift stores in new neighborhoods if it weren't for the 'Around Me' app, which conveniently links up with Google Maps. I certainly have things I would approve upon it but that's neither here nor there as I'm happy as can be.

As well you should know that every photo on my blog beside the staged photos of finds was taken with the iPhone camera. Not bad, right?!

So don't you think I should probably buy my companion a gift soon? Maybe this pretty little cover you see above. Or the customized one below.

If you like either of these click on the image and you can check it out yourself. If you don't have an iPhone I'm telling you DO NOT WAIT ANY LONGER, they are rad! But you've probably heard that before.

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