Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sizzling Servers

It's been a couple of months since I mentioned my mad crush on Sizzling Servers. I picked up these visions of a kitchen beautiful when visiting an antique mall in Redding, CA. Naturally they weren't my idea of a deal but I just HAD TO HAVE THEM!

You can check out my previous posts on these oven friendly servers here and here.

Since these posts I've noticed a fair amount of traffic to the Selling Vintage Blog from the keywords Sizzling Servers and Caravelle, and in my own research I've found these items to be few and far between. But I've also found some knock-offs and other manufacturers of a similar product. Though I know nothing of the history I favor the Caravelle brand of Sizzling Servers for it's rounder bottom and higher, easier to grasp handles, and in my opinion superior craftsmanship.

The other brand you see in this photo above is a close second but I could be saying that from the pure bliss I felt when I found it in an old box of my Nana's stuff. I've always felt a oneness with her though she passed in the early 90's and was delighted to see we share a love for this vibrant kitchenware. Nana's Sizzling Servers were Imported from Italy vs. my Caravelle Sizzling Servers which were Imported from France.

Periodically I do a search for "enamel" on Etsy as I did today when I found a couple listings for this type of serve ware. I'm going to share those listings here in case anyone wants to see their purchasing options!

Retroology is selling this set for only $18! You can see that these ones have a silver rim vs. the black rim on the Caravelle brand, but for $18 it's easy not to be too picky.

CrankHeartPony has a set from Yugoslavia, also with silver rims, for $35.

ModishVintage is selling this single red one for $25.

And that's it for Etsy. I also have a set that I'm willing to let go of. It's a set of the Caravelle brand of Sizzling Servers.

They're in booth right now but the next time I'm down I'm happy to grab them and sell them to any of the readers of this blog at a 20% discount. I'm asking $45 for them so that would be $36 with the blog discount! And of course the cost of shipping which I estimate to be another $12. If anyone is interested email me at: SellingVintage@gmail.com First come, first serve!


  1. Now who doesn't love anything with the word "sizzling" in it. Makes my mouth water! Stan

  2. Loved seeing this post! I snapped up one of the yellow Caravelle servers for a couple of bucks. But I would love to know what they're meant for!

  3. Sherri,

    Sorry for the late response. I've used mine for making a delicious baked Brie! But I imagine they're great for sauces as well.


  4. I have 2 sets of caravelle gourmet ware made in France exclusively for the national silver company. I know that because they still have the stickers in the inside bottom of the pans. They also came with metal handles that attach for cooking and detach for serving. We had the original boxes but don't anymore. Do you have any idea what they are worth?

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