Friday, November 13, 2009

Rain Rain Come Today

I have something beautiful to keep you away!

I live in LA. As most anyone knows rain is hard to come by in this tiny little corner of the world. But an Angeleno has got to prepared for that one dreaded storm of the year and what Angeleno in her right mind would fail to be stylish when the clouds cave in on our sunny little bubble?

I'm already prepared with the dominatrix of all umbrellas but... I could also use another sale on my Etsy store so in contemplating the sell of my beloved umbrella I decided to hunt around Etsy and see what these things are selling for. To my delight they're mostly on par with what I thought I could let this stunning piece go for.

And since I was at it, and since I found the cutest little "umbrella bags" that I just had to share with you, I decided to do another What's Available on Etsy post! But before I get into that let me just show you my sexy little find.

First of all it has a CASE!

And look at that handle.

Va Va Voom! What do you say, keep it or sell it, it never rains in LA!

Drum roll... On Sale at Etsy now.

51VC is selling the umbrella bags, two for $60! Aren't they so mid century? I just love them!

TheVintageThread (don't you just love that name?) is selling this lovely set of three vintage umbrellas for only $45. Only one of them, the orange one, which is also tote size, is in excellent condition. But the other two are still good and you have to see the white one fully open - so pretty.

Here's one that's compact and reasonably priced. StudioStebbylee's is selling this pretty aqua thang for only $19! I'm drooling over the chain wristlet.

This 1940's Damask Print Umbrellas is so feminine and sweet it's just to die for. JessJamesJake is selling it for $48.

Suddenly I have an itch to see a little pitter-patter on my window pane.

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