Thursday, November 19, 2009

DIY: Paint Side Table

Supplies: Thin Grit Sand Paper, Rust-o-leum White Primer, Rust-o-leum White Gloss Spray Paint, and the ever-so-useful Rust-o-leum "Comfort Grip", Painter's Tape


These pictures were taken after I sanded the table down, this took about an hour and my wrist was killing. I'm totally investing in a power sander.

You can kind of see the awful color someone had painted this pretty little table in the past, it was the most hideous beige. They failed to even take off the hardware which worked out okay against the white paint I used.

It was so easy! The whole process took about two days but that's only because I got a late start on day one. You could easily have this done within 24 hours.


First sand the entire unit. Prime and paint. Oh, and don't forget to use painters tape to cover the areas you don't want to change, like the mirrors on this piece. And please remove the hardware, it takes about five seconds.

One thing I'll do different on the second unit - tape up the mirror BEFORE sanding the table. I can't wait until they're both done, but I am going to wait long enough to get that electric sander!


  1. awesome job mel! love the side tables.

  2. well you sure done a great job- and YES a power sending machine is AMAZING! I love repainting and repadding old chaires I find so I knwo what you mean about the wrist :)